Welcome to romagnola.org, the official home of the North American Romagnola-RomAngus Association (NARRA) online.


Flanigan Ranch

Our Association Member page will be a work-in-progress as members join the Association.  You can find a breeder closest to where you live. 

We will list any sales and events the Association is having. This will give you an opportunity to come and see Romagnola and RomAngus cattle in person. We believe you will be impressed with our cattle.



If you would like to know more about becoming a member of the North American Romagnola-RomAngus Association, membership information is available online by clicking on the Membership Application page.

If you are new to Associations (never been in one) the fee is a one-time $100.00.

If you are currently a member of any other association, the fee is $35.00.  

Thereafter for everyone, the renewal fee is $35.00.

If you are already a member of the NARRA, our cattle registration form is available online by clicking on the Cattle Registration page where you will find pricing.

The Association held its first meeting on June 3, 2017 at the Wooden Nickel Restaurant in Knox City, Texas.  Members at the meeting elected officers for the Association.

President Tony Breedlove – (940) 657-3338 – encourages anyone with questions to feel free to call him (leave a message) or any one of the elected officials or directors mentioned on the Officials page.


Both images from: http://eng.agraria.org/cattle/romagnola.htm


Information about the RomAngus cross Angus – https://www.angus.org/


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